Honest Taxi Driver Restore lot money


An honest taxi driver in the city of Walsall, England, to return the money worth 10 thousand pounds (Rp193 million) to passengers who inadvertently left her purse in a taxi being driven.

Adrian Quinn, the passenger who worked as a car salesman, was very relieved when he saw his money bag was still in the car and guarded by an honest taxi driver who took him. The driver named Mohammed Nisar.

“I feel sick when I realized what I had done. Losing money it will put an end to my business, “Adrian said, as quoted by the Mirror, Tuesday (07/04/2015).

Men who live in this Heresford usually do not travel with so much money. However, that day he was late and could not find a bank.

“I told him (Nisar), ‘Do you know what’s in the bag? Not a sandwich or a newspaper, but 10 thousand pounds! ‘, “Said Adrian.

As an expression of gratitude, Adrian gave gifts to Nisar in an envelope inscribed “To my best friend in the world”.